My name is Felix Olschewski. I like to make music. I am glad that you are here. On this website I present to you my work as a composer and musician.

My roots as a composer are grown through a thick layer of metal into the hardest rock and emotional soul and finally reach into the depths of classical music. On this page you find some of my published compositions in all genres.

Love and Passion by Felix Olschewski

Love and Passion (2015)

An acoustic album of intimacy and emotion. Strictly limited edition CD.

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Blood and Souls by Felix Olschewski

Blood and Souls (2013)

A Brütal Metal album full of brutally intimate, intensely emotional music. Limited edition Digipack CD.

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The Trial by Felix Olschewski

The Trial (2013)

This Brütal Metal single marks the passage from Blood and Souls to Love and Passion. Digital single.

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More songs & demos

Here are some more tracks I wrote that can not be found on any album. Demos, experiments, studies:

My music is available from iTunes, Amazon MP3, Google Play Music Store, 7digital, Shazam, GreatIndieMusic, CDBaby and more.

My albums Blood and Souls and Love and Passion are also available as physical CDs.