Felix Olschewski

Composer. Musician. Author.


“I get miserable when I’m not around music. Seriously: Not making music is bad for my health. I learned that the hard way.” But often the music he wanted to listen to did not exist. So he created it himself.

As a musician Felix has never been interested in playing other people’s songs but rather in creating something that did not exist before. He does not like repetition in music. “I usually refrain from refrains. Two is more than enough.”

Felix’ earliest childhood memories revolve around music. “It was my first and will always be my greatest love. My spouse is pretty close, though.” He soon picked up several instruments. The guitar became his main instrument only because it was lying around the Olschewski household at the time. Virtuoso playing styles never stirred Felix’ interest. He considers musical instruments merely tools for composition.

His music led Felix through stints as a radio host, jobs in the video game industry and a career as an author. All this work kept him from creating his first album until 2012. He then wrote his debut album, composed, recorded and finished one song per month and released it on this website. “It was a lot of work and I enjoyed the challenge.”

Felix self-published his first solo album Blood and Souls in 2013. It is an album full of brutally intimate, intensely emotional music.

2015 saw the release of the successor Love and Passion, an album in the acoustic singer/songwriter genre. Felix continues to play these songs live in small venues in order to hone his skills as a performer.

“Traveling as a musician with open eyes directly feeds back into my music. I get to do lots of crazy and interesting stuff like roasting cocoa beans or taste-testing coffee. I learned how to bake the perfect pizza crust, played music with an Alaskan teacher in New Zealand and posed for an international figure drawing class.”

“Life is pretty sweet. I am entitled to none of this and no one owes me anything. That makes it even more valuable to me.”

Felix grew up within the bogs and heathers of southern Emsland, Germany. A place he now calls home with his wife and cat after he traveled around the world and lived in other places for fifteen years.