About Felix Olschewski

Once upon a time I was a little child. The first memory of life I have is the excitement of dancing to Bruce Springsteen blasting out of a portable radio on a French campsite. I thought everyone should have such a splendid time. That event, and many more like it since, motivated me to create music of my own to share it with others. Maybe it would inspire them to feel the same way.

To this day that is still my motivation. That is the reason why I am a songwriter and composer. The music has changed. The motivation persists.

There is one more reason: I tried many other jobs and journeyed around the world but at the end of the day it all felt wrong and made me feel miserable. Music does not feel wrong. So: I make music because otherwise I am miserable.

Music is a conversation between listener and artist. As a creator I take on the challenge to start a conversation with you. Achieving that is my motivation because it makes me happy if we share this pleasure. And I appreciate if you show your appreciation by buying some of my stuff.

My belief is that music will live forever and it will still be there when all money has gone and we are no longer here. You can not take music away from anyone.