About Felix Olschewski

Felix Olschewski is a composer, multi-instrumentalist, singer and songwriter. Just like any other reckless youth, Felix was not particularly fond of the place he grew up in: the barren bog Bargerveen, where north-western Germany meets the Netherlands.

He left first chance, traveled around the world and for twenty years worked in various jobs: playing music with an Alaskan teacher in New Zealand, roasting cocoa beans in South Africa or posing for an international figure drawing class in Greece. These experiences he brings home in the style of an eclectic singer-songwriter.

The range of musical influences Felix Olschewski draws upon is vast enough to cover each letter in the alphabet: AC/DC, Beethoven, Calexico, Dethklok, Europe, Fauré, …even those tough ones: Queen, Zakk Wylde.

“My first memory of life is the excitement of dancing to rock music as a little child. I thought everyone should have such a splendid time: Pure love for music. That is my motivation to this day, the reason why I am a songwriter and composer. The genre keeps changing. The motivation persists. I get miserable when I’m not around music. Seriously: Not making music is bad for my health. I learned that the hard way.”

And so, many years later, life steered him back to the bog he grew up in, the place he now calls home with his cat. He decided to return to making music fulltime and has never been happier.

Felix has returned to where he started. Back home with his trusted companion: Music.