Blood and Souls Acoustic Suite

Blood and Souls Acoustic Suite

This is an acoustic distillate of my Brütal Metal album Blood and Souls. During writing I was actually surprised by how many beautiful melodies went into the original album that I did not really recognize at the time of its creation.

I am very proud of this song and of my vocal performance. By no means am I content with the vocal track and I still have a lot to learn. On the other hand I know exactly where I started singing-wise around two years ago: With nothing. No training, no experience, no practice. Words can not describe how grateful I am to my vocal coach Angelika Norwidat for guiding me through the darkness and giving me confidence that I can learn how to sing. Without her I would not be singing in public today. Without her I would never have written my upcoming album and I might have quit making music altogether.

If you would like to buy this track, you can do so on iTunes and Google Play Music and Amazon MP3 and just about anywhere else.


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