Love and Passion

Love and Passion by Felix Olschewski

Love and Passion (2015), like Blood and Souls, is an album full of intimate and emotional music. Unlike its predecessor it is not Brütal Metal but contains 10 songs of acoustic music.

Only 100 copies of this CD were made. Get your very own hand numbered and signed copy (incl. international shipping, pay via PayPal): Buy now for 9 € (pay through PayPal).

These songs are dedicated to real people. Learn more in the detailed album notes.

Love and Passion is available both as a physical CD (very limited edition of 100 copies) and in mp3 format via many providers: iTunesAmazon MP3Google Play Music Store, Shazam, GreatIndieMusic and CDBaby.

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(9 € via Paypal, incl. international shipping.)