More than metal

studioDear fans,

dear lovers of music –

for decades the music industry (including media and vendors) has worked to bend and break music and turn it into a commodity. It is the industry who has systematically eroded the public appreciation of music. It is the industry who has built up the idea that artists should generally starve and be grateful for any cent the label grants them. And it is the industry who thinks any one artist or ‘act’ can only release music in a certain style for easier marketability.

As many of you surely understand, I am not convinced but I know that music is an art. That makes me an artist. An artist who is, by the way, in no way interested in fame and wealth. The music industry (again including established press and vendors) has nothing to offer me and therefore I do not need to adhere to their rules.

My music is not made for consumers but for lovers of art. For you and for me. For those who enjoy it. I am not fixed on any particular genre and even though I love the quirks of heavy metal I will also release different music in the future. I have the freedom to do this under my one own name without having to think in categories and drawers. Don’t worry: If you happen to like only one particular genre that I cover then you will always find the songs fitting together collected on one album, just as you did on Blood and Souls.

I am sure you grew up in a world where a certain name was always tied to a particular genre. That makes things easier if you only want to listen to that particular genre but it also places a heavy restriction upon the artist who will not be able to express himself freely and fully. His work will never be complete. I am sure as a lover of music that is not in your interest.

I deeply appreciate you as a fan. If you have heard of me through my album Blood and Souls I must inform you that I can not give you only Metal. I have to do so much more. Since I am free, I can do that and with each and every track I release I give you the choice to listen or not, to support or not. I will always enjoy your feedback.

The fact is that there has been music long before the industry arrived and it will not only be here after the industry has gone: It will thrive.

So let us continue to remove the music industry and start healing the music.


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