The final song from The Could-Have-Been King.


He puts up a sign beside the grave
it says “here lay my dreams”
and you hear his sigh of relief
’cause it’s been killing him piece by piece

and he turns to find his way home
but he sees no footsteps there
and he wonders when he’s become
another old man going nowhere

and a twinkle in his eye shows
it’s a tear because he knows
he’s never gonna get anywhere

with his head low he passes through a town
this girls says “hello”
“mister, where are you going?”
he walks on but she demands to know

he lowers his eyes – there’s nothing to tell
but his callouses got stories to share
she gives him a look and he admits
“I’m just an old man going nowhere”

and a twinkle in her eye shows
it’s a smile ’cause she knows
he’s never gonna go anywhere

“Mister, all our men left us behind
we don’t know what they hope to find
about our home they don’t seem to care”

“Mister that is why I plead
you are just the one we need
an old man going nowhere”

and a twinkle in his eye shows
a tear of joy now he knows
he won’t have to go anywhere

they find him a little house
and sew him clothes and bring him food
“mister, please don’t go anywhere
that’s all we ask of you”

they ask him for advice
“should I stay or should I go
and by the way you seem to know this place so well
tell me mister, how is that so?”

then a twinkle in his eye shows
it’s a smile because he knows
he quite enjoys the air
in that small town called nowhere


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