The Dying Dragon

It is time for a new song! This is an instrumental based on a riff I kept playing around with as an idea for one of the songs on my recently released album “Blood and Souls“. The title refers to my lyrics for “To Tame a Dragon” as well as “Where Dragons Fly“. And frankly it reflects my current mood.

I am currently working on my next album, of course. Right now I am trying to find out in which direction to go. As much as I love “Blood and Souls” I don’t like to repeat myself and the next album has to be a step in a new direction. I think working on the new album is going to be another year or so of torture, agony and frustration. Sounds like fun.


One response to “The Dying Dragon”

  1. katze66p Avatar

    Danke für die wundervollen Ideen und das Mitteilen von so starken Gefühlen duch Musik. Danke für die Offenheit. Die Töne schwingen lange nach und regen zum Nachdenken an.

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