The Trial

The Trial by Felix Olschewski

The Trial is the continuation and the consequence of my album Blood and Souls, both stylistically and lyrically. This song continues the epic that has begun with The Eye and the Hand and concluded the first chapter with Where Dragons Fly.

The Trial ventures further into the world of my music, introducing new elements and instruments like the piano, the acoustic guitar as well as the long-awaited “clean vocals”.

If you like it, you can buy it on iTunes, or via CD Baby and very soon via all kinds of digital distribution online shops, including Amazon Music.

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Check it out – I hope you enjoy it. And don’t forget to leave your comment.

And this is the incredible artwork my dear friend Andrea Christen conjured up for this song:

The Trial artwork


4 responses to “The Trial”

  1. Katze666p Avatar

    Vorsicht, macht süchtig. Beim Hören bekomme ich eine Gänsehaut. Dieser Song geht unter die Haut und ins Ohr. Danke. Ich bin immer wieder total begeistert.

  2. Find ich schön, wie du hier so ‘n bisschen die Genres gemixt hast. Wär toll, wenn du das beim nächsten Album öfter machen würdest. “Blood and Souls” war mir persönlich etwas zu monoton.

  3. Da hat wohl jemand in meinem CD-Regal geschaut, welche Musik ich neben “Blood and Souls” noch mag. 😉
    Ganz großartig!

  4. Danke, Lara!

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