Meet Violet, the beautiful girl. I wrote this song in the summer of 2013, inspired by Tim Hammel whom I met in New Zealand earlier that year.

As far as you are concerned this is a new direction. It does not sound like Metal. But this has always been a part of my life as a musician. I am a musician, not a product. I understand that music consumers want to buy a Name that is tied to one very particular style, genre and image. I can not give you that. Instead you can enjoy the whole breadth of my music. And you are still free to buy my music and support me.

And thanks a lot to Andrea Christen for helping me out with the cover artwork. It is perfect!

Felix Olschewski: Violet

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  1. […] It was my great pleasure to work for Felix Olschewski again. He had asked me to illustrate the cover for his brand new song Violet. This song kind of tickles me and it just makes me feel good. Check out this colorful song about a girl called Violet. […]

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