When Jake Played the Cello

Written and rec my album The Could-Have-Been King. I will release these songs regularly now.


When Jake Played the Cello

Tammy played the harp
Susie was good on the guitar
their brother picked up the cello
but Jake didn’t really get far

He loved to play and he loved the feel
of the vibrations in his hands
but rush or drag and sharp or flat –
he couldn’t tell the difference

So children started to cry
and birds fell dead from the sky
when Jake play the cello

To pay for tuition he worked three jobs
and he practiced every night
And after ten hard years he’d driven
his teacher to suicide

Jake met a girl on the train
She’d seen the case with his violoncello
she took him home and they kissed and she asked
“would you play me a nice ritornello?”

And cockroaches deceased
there’s no hope for the middle-east
Because Jake played the cello

And she closed her eyes and wept
as a vision formed in her mind
she knew what to do so clear
how could they have been so blind?

As glasses broke and cats started to run
she went and borrowed her father’s gun
“Listen, Jake”, she said, “you’re a nice fellow
“but I can’t let you keep that violoncello

“and I really do regret”
and then she shot him dead
While Jake played the cello


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