Addicted to Creation

This combination of time signature and tempo turned out to be more difficult to work with than I thought. Enough 6/8 for now…

This song, it turns out, is related to my previous release “To Tame a Dragon” and even “Forever Terrorized” as far as the lyrics are concerned, forming kind of a trilogy. That was not my intention but I guess that’s just how it goes sometimes.

The lyrics:

addicted to creation

another masterpiece is done
all your hope destroyed
for once more you just raised the bar
again you face the void

you are a master of your art
you always strive for more
to rise you burn your sanity
contentedness forlorn

the only time your soul finds peace
and your visions cease to hurt
is when you put your skill to work

enslaved forever
in this endeavour
ambition never shall die

the quest for the key
how can I be free in this life?

carpe diem, carpe noctem
carpe diem, carpe noctem

feed your heart and your desire
by passion you’re consumed
high on the wings of inspiration
shall this gift be your doom?

addicted to creation
addicted to creation
addicted to creation
addicted to creation


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  1. Immer wieder Genuss pur.Danke!!!

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