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  • Where Dragons Fly

    http://www.felixolschewski.de/audio/bloodandsouls_samples_192/WhereDragonsFly_excerpt.mp3 This song is about the biggest obstacles in your own life.

  • The Paradox of Choice

    http://www.felixolschewski.de/audio/bloodandsouls_samples_192/TheParadoxOfChoice_excerpt.mp3 While the topic has been in my head for quite some time, the title for this song was inspired by Barry Schwartz’ wonderful book of the same name.

  • The King without a Land

    http://www.felixolschewski.de/audio/bloodandsouls_samples_192/TheKingWithoutALand_excerpt.mp3 This Song is inspired by The King Without A Land from Michael Moorcock’s Corum saga. The character does not play a big role in the books but the name

  • Blood and Souls

    http://www.felixolschewski.de/audio/bloodandsouls_samples_192/BloodAndSouls_excerpt.mp3 This song is about Elric and Stormbringer. It is about power and capability and superiority and relationships…

  • Alone

    http://www.felixolschewski.de/audio/bloodandsouls_samples_192/Alone_excerpt.mp3 No one can see the visions and pictures in your mind. And no one will ever see the world from your point of view. I guess this is what Elric must have felt…

  • Addicted to Creation

    http://www.felixolschewski.de/audio/bloodandsouls_samples_192/AddictedToCreation_excerpt.mp3 This combination of time signature and tempo turned out to be more difficult to work with than I thought. Enough 6/8 for now…

  • To Tame a Dragon

    http://www.felixolschewski.de/audio/bloodandsouls_samples_192/ToTameADragon_excerpt.mp3 This song turned out to be a self-fulfilling prophecy. While I thought “Forever Terrorized” was hard to write music to, this one felt almost impossible and it certainly ruined my schedule of posting one new song every month (even if only by one day).

  • Forever Terrorized

    http://www.felixolschewski.de/audio/bloodandsouls_samples_192/ForeverTerrorized_excerpt.mp3 This song is about a theme I’ve had in mind for a long time. There is no obvious connection to the works of Michael Moorcock – but his stories about Elric, Corum and Erekose always reminded of this idea.

  • Lord of the Snow

    http://www.felixolschewski.de/audio/bloodandsouls_samples_192/LordOfTheSnow_excerpt.mp3 This song was inspired by the character of Jon Snow in George R. R. Martin’s wonderful “A Song of Ice and Fire” (A Game of Thrones).

  • The Eye and the Hand

    http://www.felixolschewski.de/audio/bloodandsouls_samples_192/TheEyeAndTheHand_excerpt.mp3 This song was inspired by Michael Moorcock’s Corum Saga – a couple of extremely fantastic books which I highly recommend.