The Ballad of Timothy Mann

I am currently in Cape Town, South Africa, working on a few projects and also finishing writing songs for my next album. My next release will be focussed on acoustic guitar and voice with only a few additions of drum or piano here and there. I am very excited about this project as it is mainly the fruit of my vocal lessons with the wonderful Angelika Norwidat during the past two years. “The Ballad of Timothy Mann” is dedicated to my dear friend Tim. He lives and works in Alaska. I met him on a trip through New Zealand, he is a lovely person and a singer/songwriter himself. Enjoy and let me know how you like it. … Continue readingThe Ballad of Timothy Mann

How to beat the Creative Doldrums

It happens again and again: No matter how much I prepare and practice and study, no matter how hard I try, working on new songs sometimes feels like talking with a sore throat. I often ask myself how I could possibly come with any good song in the past. In hindsight I can’t hep but wonder where I took the creativity from. How can you beat the Creative Doldrums? … Continue readingHow to beat the Creative Doldrums