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Parts of this instrumental track started out as a kind of study and then merged into this track about seasons. Some parts of it remind me of the track Tristram from the very first Diablo game.

Heinrich (…owns a chocolate factory)

This song is dedicated to my dear friend Henrich in Cape Town, South Africa. Writing and recording it was a blast. I hope you will enjoy listening as much…

Chocolate Cream

The unique Chocolate Cream Song is my tribute to the supremely delicious food that is chocolate cream. Made of only an avocado, a banana, some cocoa powder and a pinch of salt it is easy to make, healthy, tasty and Read more…

What is success? The definition of making it.

Success is relative. And yet our society shares a generalized, very narrow and absolute definition of making it which usually only involves the dimensions of accumulated wealth, social class and fame. Thousands of famous and rich stars who just can not Read more…

I am going to make it as a musician

Making it as an artist is simple. Based on my experience in the games industry, as a self-publishing author and as a musician I am writing this series to help other artists achieve success. This post tells a story not unusual for many artists. Read more…

Love and Passion for the world

The world could do with a lot more love and passion. So why not check out my brand new, second album Love and Passion? Look at this magnificent cover artwork by the one and only, the talented artist, decent person Read more…


Just when I had pressed down the plunger of the carefully prepared French Press and was about to pour a cup of my freshly ground, cherished Rosetta Asuvim coffee, my Parisian host’s oldest son entered the kitchen, drew a cup from the drip Read more…

Blood and Souls Acoustic Suite

This is an acoustic distillate of my Brütal Metal album Blood and Souls. During writing I was actually surprised by how many beautiful melodies went into the original album that I did not really recognize at the time of its creation.

You owe the world

The War of Art

What those quotations leave us with, though, is this: If you are an artist, you have to give and give and give and never expect anything in return:

You owe the world. No one owes you.

That might sound daunting. At the same time, I think it is liberating.

Go out and rock. Now.

Adventures in South Africa, pt. III

In which I extend my lifespan by cooking the perfect omelette.