Felix Olschewski

Composer. Musician. Author.

Welche Gitarre/welches Instrument für Anfänger?

Wenn dein Kind gerade mit dem Musikmachen angefangen hat, ist es ein Streichholz im Wind. Da kann man ihm natürlich einfach einen nassen Eichenklotz hinhalten mit dem Argument, der brenne auch irgendwann. Oder man hält die Hand zum Schutz darum und bietet erstmal ein paar gut getrocknete Fichtenzweige an und gibt genug Sauerstoff zu. Und setzt sich daneben und starrt voller Begeisterung in die Flammen.

Live clip from Heinrich at Theetuin d’Aole Pastorie

What could be more fitting than singing about a chocolate factory while afternoon tea is being served? I recently played a few gigs in the Netherlands. This is a short clip of me playing the song Heinrich (… owns a Read more…

24082016 (Piano)

Composed in August 2016 as a musical study. The Artwork was painted by the fabulous Andrea Christen who also created my previous album covers. Check out her work at andreachristen.com

The Choice (Piano)

Written and recorded in November 2016. Every choice comes with a downside. Don’t let it paralyse you. Make the best of it. The Artwork was painted by the fabulous Andrea Christen who also painted my previous album covers. Check out Read more…


Das offizielle Heidelbeerenlied ist da. Wer etwas auf sich hält, kennt den Text auswendig: Das Lied gibt es überall im Internet zu kaufen. Zum Beispiel bei iTunes. Die Illustration zauberte Andrea Christen in Aquarell aufs Blatt. Andrea sang auch im Read more…

January (Piano)

A piece for piano, written on 11th January 2017 with a view on a snow- and ice-covered landscape.

95 – Live in the lounge

This is a live recording of my instrumental 95 played in a sunlit lounge as part of my rehearsals. The song is part of my album Love and Passion which you find here.

A Night at Tommy’s

I wrote this little tune the morning after I had the pleasure of attending a Tommy Emmanuel show in Groningen, NL. I really like Tommy’s compositions, which to me are far more interesting than his virtuoso playing style.

The Muse

As befits the lyrics, writing this music really had me busy for months. This song apparently had to mature for three years. I am glad that it is finally done. It also marks the next step in my singing: Never Read more…

Lake of Tears – Melancholy

We had sex to the music of Lake of Tears. Frequently. The Scandinavian band entered my life in the middle of the 90s and is one of the few influences from the period to stay with me. They are part of my musical DNA. If Forever Autumn was a straightforward metal album I would probably add it to my list of the three best metal albums of all times. But it is different. Its style haunted me for so long that it integrated into my music as an explicit influence. And so the song title Lake of Tears was born.