Collaboration with Blind Guardian

Covid or not, 2020 marks the 25th anniversary of Blind Guardians seminal masterpiece Imaginations From The Other Side. When their singer, Hansi, approached me about the print design, he had me at “hello.” There are dozens of reasons for me to be passionately happy about this collaboration. This album has been one of the most important albums of my youth. It shaped my understanding of what heavy metal can be and it also has become part of the vision for my own music, different though it may seem. Hansis work on this album in particular always impressed me. So what do I have to do with this release? Allow me to let Hansi explain:

So basically I did all the print design while Andrea took care of all the beautiful additional artwork: She created an new image for every song as well as an additional centerfold that toys with the underlying idea of a mirror between worlds. Marc Frostenäs delivered a lot of background information about that period of the band.

You see? My job was easy. Thanks a lot to Hansi and Blind Guardian.


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