CVT vs Pillars: Review of “The Four Pillars of Singing 2.0”

Previously here was a review/comparison between “Complete Vocal Technique” and “The Four Pillars of Singing 2.0”. That caused a couple of misunderstandings and eventually resulted in a huge and unnecessary argument. What is important, what is right and what is wrong depends on the views of each and every one of us and that can lead to unfortunate events like these. In some cases it leads to a gridlock and both parties involved in the argument are unhappy with the situation. Since I have nothing to lose by removing the post, I did just that. That is my win. The other party also won, I guess.

So, dear reader: If you want to know which system is better, “Complete Vocal Technique” or “The Four Pillars of Singing 2.0”, I will only tell you that I NO training system can actually make you sing great. Only you can do that by practicing a lot. There is no shortcut. You have to practice, practice, practice. There are various training systems out there and those might be able to help you. I have tried some and I know which one helped me the most. But even this help was nothing compared to the improvements I made by just practicing.

I am sorry that I can not offer you more advice. But I actually this is the best advice for whatever talent you want to achieve in life: Set your goals and then practice. No one can do that for you.

To all those involved in the previous argument: I have removed your comments. They are still in my system in case you want to copy them somewhere but they are not visible to regular users.


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