I Smile

Song #4 from my album The Could-Have-Been King.


I Smile

I smile
when you ask me
“how do you do?”

That’s all I reply
to show what you can’t see
and I can’ tell you

You know ’bout my sorrow
the souls I have lost
and if you ask me tomorrow
life will still be unjust

These scars I bear
and I still feel the pain
but from more suffering
there’s nothing to gain

So I smile
’cause tears do nothing
but get you wet

But it is not a lie
when I dance and sing
and smile instead

Because bright eyes can change reality
bright eyes feel better to me

I smile – so life’s not in vain
I smile – to wash away the pain
’cause a smile can turn things upside down
truth is: you can’t do that with a frown

Do you really want your shoulders to get wet?
Would you enjoy to brush away the tears I shed?
Or could you just understand that I’ve let go and can accept?


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