Past Forty

This is #5 on my album The Could-Have-Been King.

Past Forty

They tell you “now it’s gonna be all downhill”
but to me it feels more like a rollercoaster thrill
you know? the part after the first incline?
towards the free fall but I know I’m gonna be fine

’cause I left all the baggage behind
the money, the sex, the fame no longer have me blind
the rules I now follow are all my own
behold: I am the laser that cuts through stone

I know everything I don’t know
I’ve mapped those roads I won’t follow
I know exactly how not to succeed
I’m past forty and I know what I don’t need

I’m past forty – and I’m not a millionaire
I’m past forty – and I’d rather spend my time with care
I’m past forty – am I a stoic or a mule?
at least I know that I’m a fool

Sometimes there’s just a lot of trouble to go through
bad fortune seems to stick to you like superglue
I have learned which battles to chose
no more detours – I just got one pair of shoes

I’m past forty – and I seem to some young folks
I’m past forty – but I’m still younger than my jokes
I’m past forty – I know the game: you cannot cheat
but I still got some tricks up my sleeve


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