The story of Blood and Souls


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If you want to make an album, you can decide to wait. Wait for bandmates to show up, wait for the band to write and rehearse songs, wait for money to mysteriously appear so you can afford to book a recording studio, wait for the engineer to get the right sound and wait for a label to discover and love your music.

In essence: You could wait for others and blame them if it does not happen.

Or you can just do it yourself.

That is what I did with Blood and Souls. I created this album all by myself. An album full of brutally intimate, intensely emotional music. Blood and Souls is melodic and brutal.


It is an album about breaking rules and about living life your own way. About perseverance and about creativity and art. An album about knowledge, power, solitude, passion, choice and courage.


I made this album alone in my living room. No bandmates, no recording studio, no producer. I wrote the songs, played all instruments and recorded and mixed the whole thing. I also took care of the printed matters so the only one to blame for mistakes or delays is me.

The creation of each song felt like giving birth. To twins. At least that’s how I imagine it must feel. I put all my love and passion into every note and every word on this album.

“Blood and Souls” is an album about many aspects of my life. When making it, I did not care about rules, about how an album is supposed to sound, about hooklines, about genre conventions. This is the music and the album I wanted to make.

“Blood and Souls” is not a nice album. It is a brutal album. A passionate album. Hence its sound. It is the album I needed to create at this point in my life.

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  3. ms whatever Avatar
    ms whatever

    ehrlich. mutig. selbstverwirklicht. unabhängig. gut gemacht.
    hast du die bilder für das cover auch selbst gemalt?

  4. Nein, das Cover stammt von der Künstlerin Andrea Christen:

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