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I am very proud of these two photos I took at a Motorjesus gig a week ago. I think they are pretty good. Well, kind of terrific even. Then again – I just pushed a button.

Can there be art without intention?

Come on, neither was I responsible for the lighting, nor for the fog. Also, it was not me who struck this tight in-your-face pose. I just love heavy live music, each and every aspect of it. It just so happened that I had a photo camera with me. I gave it a shot, took a few pictures and that was it. Not only do I love heavy live music, I also love good music documentation. But still, is documenting a live event –any kind of live event for that matter– really an art form? If you do not know what will happen next and you take your job of purely documenting seriously, you can in no case have any intentions as far as image composition is concerned. And can there be art without intention? This is not meant to devaluate any kind of documentation. But isn’t documentation much more craft than it is art?


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