The King without a Land

This song is inspired by The King Without A Land from Michael Moorcock’s Corum saga. The character does not play a big role in the books but the name immediately inspired me to write down a couple of words. The lyrics I came up with acually happen to kind of reflect other parts of the story. I like that. As always: Thank you, Mr. Moorcock, for inspiring me.

What I do not like is the amount of effort I had to put into the music. Since I try not to repeat myself musically I kind of expect the songwriting to get harder but this time was ridiculous. Stop that, Muse. Right now! This is supposed to be fun!

This one sticks out a little, reminds me of a ballad. Maybe it will be “that one song” on the album. Or maybe it will not make it on the album. What do you think?

The lyrics:

the king without a land

you look upon a dead waste
your glory, your reward
the blood and sweat you spent
all has been for nought

you’ve listened to the voices
your dream it shall come true
if only you would sacrifice
your lifetime – that will do

a golden throne you dreamt of
and armies to command
instead you have become
the king without a land

you’re facing what was promised
you’re given what you sought
the paramount of irony
the cruel jape of a god

a kingdom full of loneliness
the place where you grow old
this part of the bargain
has not been foretold

and still you would not blame
the one whose words you heed
this god you made yourself
he is the lord of greed

a golden throne you dreamt of
and armies to command
instead you have become
the king without a land

a scepter made of lead
held in your wrinkled hands
riding through the emptiness
you’re the king without a land


3 responses to “The King without a Land”

  1. Hey Felix,
    maybe you could sing in a voice less throaty? I mean, I like your talking voice quite much and since you trained a lot to sing, why not give yourself some credit, because you are a genius brother. The text is great as usual and the style is different by an ounce. I never read anything by Moorcock, but isn’t there anything fun to sing about in a nice voice, like a bard? Hey, I would like to hear a ballad of the bard of “The Bard’s Tale”! I remember both my brothers loved to play that game..

    Big fan, deep respect

  2. Thanks for your feedback. “Real singing” is planned and will definitely come after this album is done – which will probably in February 2013.

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